Bujinkan Seminar with Shihan Christian Petroccello

New York City

September 15 and 16, 2017



Shihan Christian Petroccello will be, for the first time, giving a Bujinkan Seminar in Manhattan in September. Christian will be stopping by NYC on his way to Japan, and will be very generously sharing with us some of his invaluable knowledge and experience in two training sessions:

  1. Friday Night Class: 09/15/2017 7pm-9pm Location: Tanjiki Dojo (Midtown Manhattan)
  2. All-Day Saturday Seminar: 09/16/2017 10am-4pm Location: Central Park (Weather Permitting). Alternative Location: Tanjiki Dojo(Midtown Manhattan)

Theme: Taijutsu, Bo Jutsu

Exact locations will be confirmed in the following weeks.

Payment Options:

Tickets are available for the All-day Seminar, the Friday Night Class, and for both events at a special discount prince. Tickets are available here:

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This is a wonderful training opportunity. We are very proud to be hosting this event, and we look forwards to seeing you there!


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