On my recent trip to Japan for this year’s Daikomyosai, I had the opportunity to attend one of Soke’s Sunday classes. As usual, during the brake, Soke generously set out to paint calligraphy and drawings for everyone in the Dojo. It always amazes me how generous and patient Soke is, preparing works of art for everyone that asks.

When it was my turn, I told Soke that we were planning on having an end of year seminar to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Sandy in the NY/NJ area. I asked Soke if he could draw something for the seminar. He very generously painted the following calligraphy that reads “Arashi” (Storm):


On December 22 we will be hosting our end of year seminar. This is an event that we have had for the last couple of years, were several instructors and training groups of the NY/NJ area come together to celebrate Soke and the Bujinkan and to share what we have learned throughout the year.   Everyone is welcome to come and all instructors are welcome and encouraged to share and teach.  It’s a great opportunity to see everyone and catch up with friends.

The proceeds of the seminar are always donated to a local charity. This year is a special one because our community has been recently hit with a natural disaster. There are a lot of people still in need of help. That is why this year the event’s proceeds will be donated to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

This year we are also exited to incorporate something new. After the training we will be hosting an art exhibition at the Tanjiki Dojo where we will display calligraphy and paintings prepared by Soke. These are pieces of art collected throughout the years by local instructors. We will also have some pieces by other authors. We encourage everyone to invite their family and friends to the exhibition. We think that it is a unique way to expose people to our art.

Please follow the link for detailed information on the event.

I hope you can make it. See you in the Dojo.

Antonio Rodriguez


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